Construction Of Turnkey Solar-Powered Irrigation Demo System For SPIS Training

GiZ and the Ministry of Energy (MoEn) are jointly implementing a project dubbed “Green People’s Energy”, a proposed country measure of a global project commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).

The ‘Green People’s Energy (PGE)’ Project has an overall objective to improve conditions for supplying rural regions in selected African countries, including Ghana, with decentralized renewable energy. The project supports the adoption of modern energy services through the introduction of alternative and sustainable renewable energy and energy-efficient technologies with the participation of citizens and businesses. The project focuses on these three areas:

  1. The promotion and further development of the capacities of skilled workers, mainly for solar-powered irrigation systems (SPIS). These workers include SPIS installers, trainers, project development professionals of financial institutions, and users of SPIS.
  2. Access to decentralized renewable energy system for enterprises and social institutions (solar PV systems for income-generating activities; school and health facilities) with incentives; and
  3. The promotion of investment in decentralized RE systems (mobilization of financing by banks and crowdfunding companies).

Under this project, a memorandum of understanding has been signed with RCEES-UENR for the development of curriculum and provision of competency-based training for installers, extension staff, and credit officers at the southern belt of Ghana. This will ultimately reduce system downtime through enhanced technical skills and knowhow.

As a first step in the implementation, the installation of a demo system at the UENR campus has been contracted to Pumptech Limited. This turnkey SPIS demo installation will provide hands-on training to the target groups.

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