RCEES is committed to building the capacity of organizations in the energy and environment sectors through short courses. The Centre is also committed to collaboration with industry and academic/research institutions to address challenges in these sectors through joint research.

RCEES organizes a series of short courses in the areas of energy and environmental sustainability. RCEES’s short courses are targeted at professionals in the energy and environment sectors as well as professionals in career transition, who are interested in a career in solar photovoltaics, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and energy management.

These courses aid in the upgrade of professionals’ skills and the acquisition of new skills. The course is structured to present standardized technical delivery in the classroom and field activities, course programs, certifications, and other outcomes are guaranteed.

Courses Offered

Design and Installation of Standalone Solar PV Systems

This solar training is intended to provide the advanced practical knowledge required for the safe, code-compliant design and installation of photovoltaic (PV) systems, with a focus on both grid and off-grid solar electric systems. This training also provides effective use of energy modeling software such as HOMER and RETscreen for easy technical design and financial engineering of renewable energy technologies.

Energy Audit and Energy Management

This short course is designed to provide capacity building and training support to energy management professionals for energy auditing to make sure that a core of qualified and certified professionals are available in the market who can assist public/private institutions, industrial and commercial customers in the implementation of cost-effective energy-saving measures.

Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS)

GiZ and the Ministry of Energy (MoEn) are jointly implementing a project dubbed “Green People’s Energy”, a proposed country measure of a global project commissioned by the German Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ).