Empower Yourself: Sharpen Your Skills for a Sustainable Future

The Regional Centre for Energy and Environmental Sustainability (RCEES) offers a dynamic suite of short courses designed to equip you with the knowledge and leadership qualities needed to tackle today’s pressing energy and environmental challenges.

Our Courses: A Unique Blend

RCEES is committed to building the capacity of organizations in the energy and environment sectors through short courses. The Centre is also committed to collaboration with industry and academic/research institutions to address challenges in these sectors through joint research.

RCEES organizes a series of short courses in the areas of energy and environmental sustainability. RCEES’s short courses are targeted at professionals in the energy and environment sectors as well as professionals in career transition, who are interested in a career in solar photovoltaics, energy efficiency, environmental sustainability, and energy management.

These courses aid in the upgrade of professionals’ skills and the acquisition of new skills. The course is structured to present standardized technical delivery in the classroom and field activities, course programs, certifications, and other outcomes are guaranteed.

 Renowned faculty seamlessly integrate their technical and scientific expertise with cutting-edge learning methodologies.
Highly Interactive:
Our engaging training fosters collaboration and reflection, allowing you to learn from peers and generate new insights.
Practically Focused:
 We combine cutting-edge theory with real-world applications, ensuring you gain actionable knowledge.

Our Trainings


Design and Installation of Standalone Solar PV Systems​

Energy Audit and Energy Management​

Solar-Powered Irrigation Systems (SPIS)​

Energy Management and Efficiency Training