Brief Profile

I am a Polish national working as a Lecturer and Head of Earth Observation and Partnership Section of the Earth Observation Research and Innovation Centre of the University of Energy and Natural Resources (UENR) in Ghana. I am a geographer – specialist in Remote Sensing, Cartography and GIS, as well as mathematician – with application of the mathematical models in environmental science. I currently coordinating the GNSS RO and COSMIC-2 Programmes under the UCAR and NOAA for UENR and involved in the GEO LDN activities under the Capacity Development subgroup.  I am also involved with the Ghana Carbon Flux Monitoring Programme with partners from the Czech Republic programme. My passion to translate science for the youth led to the establishment of the Annual Science Festival for Primary and High School Students –that has transformed several 1000s young people lives –(both girls and boys) to learn STEM.  I am eager to learn in this new environment of GEO as co-chair and want to dedicate time to ensure that, the deliverables we want to achieve can be collectively attained. Climate Change problems and solutions lie within more knowledge and innovation through Capacity development, and this I understand very well must be tackled at the very start, involvement of those that matters –  the Youth, the Vulnerable.